Maker Faire Trip

June 26, 2014

Hardware startup is booming up.

It is our first time to visit the Maker Faire in Bay area, and we are really impressed by the great event. The faire combines Party, Industry, Family with Education, which is the best one we have ever attended.



So many information and feelings we would like to share with you, but no more than the following three most interesting and important information.

1. Anyone can be makers

The third industry revolution is coming, NOW.

We can quickly get the prototype ready by buying the open source hardware like Raspberry Pi, and print anything you need via 3D printer like MakerBot, marketing your idea on the crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, sell them on the E-commerce platform like Shopify, pitch your idea and get support from the hardware incubator like Bolt, get great design for your awesome product from industrial design provider like Tomorrow Lab, and produce your product from the future factory like NexPCB, keep engagement with your fans via NewsLetter provider like MailChimp, build up your community on social platform like Facebook or Twitter. And many more things you can do anytime, anywhere.There are a lot of third party industrial supports and online services can support someone that wants to make some things. The most important thing is the passion of innovation, and the idea to make live better.


2. Internet of things

Internet of things are not only mean the hardware with internet function, but also include the following information:

  • Cloud base UI = Web base log in and APP supported as well
  • Real Data from Real World, for the hardware is collecting the real data anytime anywhere
  • Big Data analytic from real data
  • Industry Know How design and optimize
  • Customer will buy services rather than buy a product, with monthly payment possibly.

It’s much more like a kind of new business model + new user experience, and that will be a big trend in the near future.There are a lot of areas will be changed by the Internet of things combined services.

3. China will help hardware startups many more than before

ShenZhen becomes the fashion area for the makers "Buy the ticket, fly to shenzhen Now." 

Makers are encouraged to go to ShenZhen to know more about how powerful the hardware supply resources there are.

HAXLR8R located Shenzhen since 2012, Foxconn started the Kick2Real and Innoconn, PCH started Highway1 Shoplocket to help startups get free prototype and funding as well.

China is the manufacturing center, as well as the electronics,From idea to product is not easy, from product to business will be harder than get good products. It’s really great that more and more resources are willing to help the makers, the startups. With the help of the incubators, the makers will get many more industry resources to launched up and get more chances to win the business. Like XiaoMi in China, and littlebits in US.

It doesn't matter which markets you are working on, big or small, new or old, it matters if your idea is the one your customer needs, it matters if you have the knowledge of your product, it matters if you are really passion for your project.

We are fully engaged by the charms of the Maker Faire, because we have passion for what we focused on, that is to help the SME of this world be more successful.



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