PCB Devices Placement

September 15, 2014

General Rules for Devices Placement

  1. THD devices with polarity or direction are required to place in the same direction, and as neat as possible. For SMD devices that cannot meet the requirement of staying in the same direction, just try to keep them in the same X or Y direction, such as Tantalum capacitor.
  2. To pay attention to the location of radiator for SMD, and to leave enough space to make sure that the radiator will not touch other components, the minimum distance requirement is 0.5mm.
  3. Thermosensors (such as electrolytic capacitors, crystal oscillators, and etc.) should be kept far away from high heat elements; and they should be placed on the windward side; and high components should be placed behind low components along with the direction of the least wind resistance, so as to prevent air duct from being blocked.

placement of thermosensors


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