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    November 26, 2015


    It's Thanksgiving Day !!! A time for joy and good cheer! Even "Abe"and "Honest" now is thankful for getting away from the "terrible and delicius fate".

  • SpaceHarp has gone live on Indiegogo
    April 14, 2015

    SpaceHarp has gone live on Indiegogo

    SpaceHarp is one of our customers announced that their campaign has gone live on Indiegogo and announced NexPCB is their manufacturer. Motion-Controlled Music Instrument which is SpaceHarp crowdfunding product and it seems to us is very interesting.
  • NexPCB Supports Indiegogo Campaigns
    April 07, 2015

    NexPCB Supports Indiegogo Campaigns

    NexPCB is the recommended Indiegogo EMS provider at  Indiegogo's Hardware Handbook.  And we sincerely to announce to offer 10% discount for your campaign in partnership with NexPCB. 


  • NexPCB Supports Indiegogo Campaigns
    February 13, 2015

    NexPCB Supports Indiegogo Campaigns

    The first campaign - RaspiVision, which NexPCB has supported, is 7 Inch IPS HD Raspberry Pi Display.


  • Happy 2015 Chinese Lunar New Year
    February 13, 2015

    Happy 2015 Chinese Lunar New Year

    The Year of Goat: Goarts are describd as loving-peace kind and popular, its characteristic is thought to be helpful and trusting.