What’s your advantages over the other EMS companies?

We help you accelerate the realization of hardware innovation, from idea to products, and offer supplier chain management for Mature Products.
- Besides setting up ERP management for your BOMs and supply chain, we offer layout service, DFM review and components optimization options.
- Besides assembling the boards, we also develop the production documents and work-flow for quality and cost optimization.
- We offer test service before delivery to ensure the delivery of qualified products.
- As to delivery, other than normal packing and warehouse HongKong, we may further help purchase suitable packages and deliver in fitted sets.
- At your request, we may place the order of components for the prototype and pilot stages together, which may be more time-efficient than cost-effective, since we can start the pilot stage production as soon as you confirm the prototype PCBs.
Our goal is to be the one trusted with anything of production while market and design could be your mere concern.