Established in 2005, NexPCB is an electronic manufacturing service, design and development company.It is based in Boston, USA and Zhejiang, China.

As a leading electronics manufacturing services provider, we have been supporting and satisfying clients that belong to a wide range of industries and sectors.Our electronic manufacturing services range from PCB fabrication, turnkey to kitted assemblies, and design and layout services.

Our dedicated staff adopts a comprehensive and intuitive approach when it comes to addressing your technical requirements and specifications. You can expect the finest quality and undivided attention from our end. At NexPCB, EMS (electronic manufacturing service) is the focal point of our operations. We emphasise on both low and medium volume manufacturing for industrial sectors, which demand durable and reliable products.


Guide to Electronics Manufacturing Services 

We provide a step-by-step guide when it comes to designing, fabricating, manufacturing and testing high-tech products for your company. Through our collaborative state-of-the-art automated assembly line and highly professional electronic engineers and design specialists, we capitalise on our ability to encompass new technologies faster and more productively. We take pride in this key strength of our company. As an electronic manufacturing services provider, NexPCB has an impressive manufacturing facility, which is regulated by strict quality control procedures. This enables us to ensure adequate quality assurance applications on all commodity-based and fabricated products that can be shipped internationally or delivered locally.

We experience high turnover and re-visits from our valuable clients due to our strong dedication to customer service and our attention to detail through advanced equipments and techniques. We understand that the field of technology revolves around constant innovation and transformation, which makes companies demand for quick answers and fast turnaround. In order to cater to these demanding needs we provide accommodating manufacturing schedules. NexPCB is an electronics manufacturing services provider, which offers solutions that are especially tailored to meet your design requirements. Along with our personalised assistance, we also provide prompt responses and ensure meticulous production, which results in timely deliveries.


We provide a transparant manufacturing service

We keep all our operations transparent during every stage of the process. Our engineering support and design team consults and advices you so that you have a better understanding of what is going on and how your specifications are being met. This guarantees cost effective and high quality service provision through our bespoke approaches to fulfil each customer’s request.

At NexPCB, we have over 10 years of experience in supplying quality PCBs to valuable clients. As an experienced electronics manufacturing services provider, we have enhanced our operations and business culture over this tenure and are able to deliver continued professional and exceptional customer care. We are equipped to battle the competitive nature of our industry and elevate ourselves to prove we are specialists in PCB layout and assembly. With our vast knowledge and expertise, we are able to provide you with quality PCBs exactly when you require them. If you are interested in obtaining a quote or simply have concerns regarding your design requirements, you can contact us on