NexPCB is identified as one of the leading manufacturers of flexible printed circuit boards. It was originally founded in 2005 and has over 10 years of experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of flexible printed circuit boards.

We have offices in Boston, U.S.A and Zhenjiang, China from which our highly skilled and talented team provides world-class proficiency in flexible printed circuit boards across a wide base of technologies. Our flexible printed circuit board assembly services and solutions help in managing original turnkey projects. We provide expert flexible printed circuit board assembly solutions to different sectors such as military, telecom, medical and aerospace.

Our core skill is the production of prototype or low to medium sized batches of PCBs where details such as customer satisfaction, prompt delivery and quality are paramount when it comes to attracting customers and retaining them over a longer period. In the area of electrical interconnectivity, flexible circuit boards are on a rise because of their ability to deliver enhanced performance against the gruelling demands of 21st century products. Flexible printed circuit boards have a significant advantage over rigid printed circuit boards because they are compact in nature. These flexible circuits are lightweight and cost effective. This is why flexible circuit boards have efficiently replaced hand-built wire harness in various applications.


Why choose flexible printed circuit boards

Flexible printed circuit boards can be found in numerous products from camcorders, SLR cameras, VCRs to sophisticated military and aviation systems. They can cater to complex designs as well as small batch designs. Flexible printed circuits are made of flexible films, which comprise of thin sheets of conductive circuit outlines. We understand the growing demand of personal computers, mobiles and other similar devices, which require the need of cutting edge technology equipped with innovative electronic mechanism and advanced circuit systems. This is why we strive to focus on forming long-term customer relationships with joint commitment through facilitating and delivering high quality products that we offer to our clients. We provide a supportive, caring environment, which encompasses trust and reliability amongst our business relationships.

We at NexPCB set ourselves apart from our rivals by focusing and ensuring the balance of quality, cost and value. In order to be one of the leading companies it is eminent that our flexible printed circuit board assembly solutions stand out against our competitors. When you cannot differ between the technological trends, the need to encompass strong quality standards at a cost efficient scale is most required so that you can have a competitive edge. We at NexPCB employ skilled engineers who not only acknowledge the needs and challenges of modern PCB manufacturing but also have the capabilities to transform plans into realistic and measureable results.


Assembly printed circuit boards with the proper technology

Our compliant flexible printed circuit board assembly is equipped with necessary innovative technology, which can address all your concerns related to design specifications and functionality. We are a leading-edge manufacturer, which provides flexible printed circuit boards at an affordable price and boasts high quality. For further enquiries and information, let our expert advisors guide you through the process and educate you on how best we can assist you in matter of electronic systems and management. Visit us at