At NexPCB we provide comprehensive and professional PCB layout service, making rapid deliveries to customers. With our extensive experience and knowledge, our in-house team of highly qualified electrical and manufacturing engineers provide an accumulative approach of techniques, tools and methods to create individual designs based on our clients’ specifications. Through many trial and error methods, we have become better at what we do and provide cost effective design solutions and PCB layout services to a wide range of sectors and clients. Our manufacturing service and design layouts are strictly regulated by IPC standards and comply with relevant certification standards.


PCB Layout design & development process 

Our design layout process will take you from initial design development and product concept to original design, layout and ultimately lifecycle management. You can have an idea about our business model and assess the details of the electronic design services we provide to a number of high-tech industries, in order to establish our reliability and commitment to deliver. For those of you who are interested in a professional PCB layout and design service then you have come to the right place. We cater to all your design specifications and concerns when it comes to developing a customised circuit. We are concerned about your project succeeding on all levels of the process from engineering to time constraints, budgets and quality. 

Price is the driving factor behind determining the balance between quality and time. We understand how important it is to deliver optimum quality within a given timescale and at a cost effective price. We measure our success through constant deliveries of repeat orders for our valuable clients with high quality products and services. Our PCB layout process begins with a group of engineers who address and discuss every detail of your design specifications. It is then passed onto the next stage where a single engineer is responsible for ensuring that all constraints and concepts of the design are catered to in a layout and appear on a finished card.


Transforming concepts into successful PCB Layouts 

There is no doubt that our engineers use the latest and complex software tools such as CAD to help them display the flow of data and rules onto a layout. We at NexPCB understand that the interaction between an engineer and PCB designer is crucial in order to guarantee transforming concepts and ideals into a successful PCB layout. Through our efficient and seamless interface we take your engineering ideas and turn them into realistic and successful PCB layouts. We have carried out hundreds of designs which include a range of PCB layout services from fabrication and assembly design, RF designs, micro to blind and buried vias, DFT audit to controlled impedance designs, routing per trace/space and board layout.


We provide an integrated approach when it comes to addressing your design specifications, by including high-end technologies and expertise. You can rely on our dedicated attitude when it comes to achieving strict deadlines and high quality standards. For more information and to speak to an expert advisor you can contact us by visiting