NexPCB is a one stop solution shop for fulfilling all your requirements with regards to electronic management system. Our expert group of engineers and designers adopt a comprehensive approach to address your needs. Our team relies on our efficient EMS system to deliver quality results. You will not have to look for other alternatives when it comes to PCB manufacturing, fabrication or testing because we provide all these facilities under one roof. We can turn your projects into working electronics which are seamless, economic and efficient. We provide a smooth transition between these services and if you are not keen on using all services, we will still provide undivided attention to address your concerns. But we do advice you to use all the services when it comes to manufacturing your customised PCB in order to benefit from low cost and better quality.


Quality PCB Manufacturing 

We are best equipped with services such as electronic designs, CAD layouts, PCB design and fabrication, assembly and testing facilities to address your needs. Most of the time many PCB manufacturers cater to one customer design per production sheet due to its complex nature and technical challenges. This proves to be expensive because the entire cost of the sheet is charged completely to the client. Other difficulties seen by PCB manufacturers involve the constant shifting of daily production schedules in accordance with the changing demand. Therefore, many traditional PCB manufacturers are unable to keep up with the evolving trends of our industry.

We at NexPCB tend to process different customers’ specifications on the same sheet which lowers the cost charged to each client. We schedule each client’s specifications of PCB material configurations on a weekly basis, which ultimately reduces cost by improved capacity utilisation and accurate scheduling. We cater to a wide client base which includes both small and large companies which have simple and complex enquiries. However, it is not a problem for us as our extremely skilled workforce is able to tackle all relevant issues productively.


Effective PCB Manufacturing Process

We are able to provide cost effective and high quality PCB products through our in-house turnkey assembly. We intend to supply PCBs of all types and quantities for a variety of clients around the world. At NexPCB, we facilitate clients through an effective PCB manufacturing process, which caters to all facets of designing, prototype, production and testing. We employ knowledgeable experts who take into consideration your design specifications and budget while planning your PCBs. Hence, you can trust us to deliver high quality PCBs on time.


We understand that companies constantly need to update their systems, processes or products with innovative technology. They rely on a support system which can deliver to them materials anywhere and everywhere. You can consult with one of our expert advisors to get an online quote for your requirements. If you have any further enquiries or questions, you can also visit to get in touch with us.