As the expectation of more intelligent, precise and flexible hardware products grows, Rigid Flex PCB gains acknowledgement.

Rigid Flex PCB is a laminate of rigid and flexible boards with interconnected wires and ribbon cables.

Rigid Flex PCB is laminated rigid and flexible boards into the same unit as a signal package with interconnected with connectors, wires and ribbon cables to enhance performances and reliability.

Both sizes and layers can be customized to better suit your requirements, which further enhances durability and flexibility.


All special structure requirements on space or weight may be realized through 3D.

Preciseness and hi-fi signal may be ensured at the same time.

Assembly and test process will be simplified.

Flexible structure

Fidelity signal

Precision hardware

Meets various demands


Rigid Flex PCB surely has wide popularity among innovative electronic products, e.g. cell phone, digital camera, wearable or VR devices, and etc. It has gained the favor of medical equipment producers. Lots of other fields await our exploration.