• Up to 200pcs PCBA SMT Pilot Packages
  • Up to 200pcs PCBA SMT Pilot Packages
  • Up to 200pcs PCBA SMT Pilot Packages
  • Up to 200pcs PCBA SMT Pilot Packages

Up to 200pcs PCBA SMT Pilot Packages


The PCBA supply chain package is designed for Makers and the SME of this world who are good at their own specified unique market, but lack electronics supply management team to produce high quality products, speed up the time to market, and keep reliable during volume production stage.

You can evaluate the production cost of your design very quickly whenever you have the BOM selection and the PCB size ready. 


Basic Offer

The package will cover from prototype to pilot run which is the hardest for most of teams including the following items:

  1. Up to 200 pcs assembled PCBA boards (startup cost included)
  2. Stencil (25.6" X 21.7" / 650 X 550 mm) for SMT assembly
  3. ESD bag package with foam box package
  4. Free UPS or DHL shipping to your address 

Extra Free Offer

  1. Design For Manufacture (DFM) optimize suggestions
  2. BOM optimize suggestions
  3. ERP system startup with ISO9001 certified operation support
  4. Free work order system account when your apply by send us request mail

Extra Cost

  1. Components sourcing and PCB fabrication (BOM and PCB Cost will be added in the final invoice)
  2. Free appearance test and optional function test (Cost will be added in the final invoice)

Note: Total Lead Time: 30 working days.


    File Request

    1. Gerber file
    2. BOM list (Template)
    3. Pick and Place file (XYRS)
    4. Instruction documents including special requirements and attention point (components locations, DIP specification, special requirements, etc).    




    • How to calculate the Total Cost since this package do NOT include the BOM and PCB cost?
    • For BOM Cost
      • The most expensive components (around 20%) are the key Chips or Parts in your design. For prototype and pilot run, you can check their price in online big distributors at the beginning, like Digikey, Mouser, etc.
      • For volume production, it is important to quote around for get best offer, and we will do this work as well in pilot run.
      • Select suitable components or get the support from original factory is the best way to get cost down. - Octopart offer a very good online calculation tool to evaluate the total BOM quickly.
    • For PCB cost? 
    • The cost of PCB will not have any big difference if you select the same level quality vendors. The price structure of the PCB board normally includes:
      • Startup-cost
      • Board size/material produce cost
      • Extra cost to cover the tech-request which is higher than the normal conditions.
      If your board size is not too big, our online prototype packages are best choices for you as a start point and a chance to evaluate our price structure. All our online prototype packages have been cost optimized. Order the package now to get the total quotation.
    • For Total Cost
    • The total cost will be The Package Cost + BOM cost + PCB cost, and we will send you the final invoice. You may send us all your components and PCB as well, and do not need to do the additional payment then.

    Order Flow

    order flow