Why Packages for PCB, PCBA and Layout Services?

July 28, 2013

PCB Cost is dependent on the startup costs and the size of the order. It is also determined by the PCB materials to be used, surface finish, copper weight, finished thickness, mini trace/space, min. hole sizes and other factors that need to be factored in during the production process. Whenever you need to produce these boards, you have to take time and calculate the total cost so as to make the necessary financial plans.


Professional PCBA Turnkey Solution

The process of ordering is quite easy and fair to both the PCB manufacturer and the clients. But the process does take some time during the initial stages of a new project. Time is one of the most important factors in marketing. The most important thing is to get your high quality boards ready within the agreed time frame. It is recommendable to verify the design as soon as possible so as to release the product to the market and get the expected feedback faster.

In order to facilitate this, we have created PCB prototype and EMS packages that covers most of the production needs through simple conditions and requirements. The service packages are comprehensive hence our partners do not have to input each of the parameters line by line. Instead, they only need to select the right service package that meets their specification. This in turn helps them create enough time for marketing or other related income generating activities.

We have also realized that our professional partner needs are different from the prototype needs in terms of the technique details or the soldering process required. For example, the professional clients need complex layout boards that have to be soldered using a SMT machine in order to attain the quality of the prototype. On the other hand, prototype partners do not necessarily require complex layouts and can even solder the boards on their own. In response to this, we divided our PCB Packages into prototype and professional categories in order to meet all our customers' needs. We use high technological systems that are very efficient and accurate in delivering the expected results.

In addition to PCB and PCBA, we noticed that the layout procedures takes some time to complete because it requires a lot of experience and skills to do it right. This challenge is not easy and at times the cost is high as well. Based on this fact, we formulated a professional layout design services package for our clients in order to save them time and the money. Using our vast experience, we have the capacity to deliver the layout in less than 7 working days after the tech confirmation. All our personnel are highly trained, professional and committed to ensuring that they meet your specifications and complete your order in time.

The world is round and interconnected, we are committed to helping more and more SME win the future market by cooperating with some of the best partners. You can count on NexPCB to create a quality design as per your needs and preferences at an affordable price.