How to Identify Original or Bulk New IC

August 04, 2013

How to identify original or bulk New IC? This is a common question that you need to seek answers to before purchasing IC products. Most people prefer purchasing small quantities of plates for research or study purposes. Even though the quality of the products supplied by clients is good, they may be unwilling to serve you unless you volunteer to collect them from their stores. If your orders fail to meet the minimum order quantity, you might have to wait for long period before it's delivered.

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It is important to note that each plate is different in terms of quality and specifications. Below are some guidelines to help you identify them like an expert.

Disassembled plates: This type of plates are usually detached from the circuit boards and classified again. Some of their unique signs include varying distance between the pins, different printed characters on their surfaces that whose sizes are not uniform. Some also have soldering marks that are very bright around the pins. In addition, the production series and marks are usually very different from each other.

Polished Plates: As the name suggests, this are totally similar to the original plates in terms of printed words, patterns, size, font, color and series. However, if you look closely at the surface, you will see many tiny parallel scratches. The production sign at its backside is usually not uniform. The pins are not bright and oxidation marks are visible on the matt. Note that the distance between the pins is the same. More often than not, polished plates are original plates that have being stored for long or have complicated series. Polishing helps suppliers avert losses.

Bulk New Plates: Some of the outstanding features include different printed characters and patterns. Their font sizes and production series vary as evident from the production marks at the back side. The pins have no marks of oxidation as in the case of disassembled plates. In most cases, they are just original plates that are sourced from different channels or manufacturers then put together for sale.

Original Plates: They are authentic in nature. Their printed characters, size, font and color patterns as well as the mark of production at the back side are similar. It is also important to note that the pins are very neat and have a bright mark at the middle of the matt surface. The tube that is used to hold the plates is always new, transparent and has no yellow coloration.

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Closing Tips: Disassembled plates and bulk new plates have the least reliability rating. Polished plates exhibit relatively fine reliability. All disassembled bulk new plates and polished plates exhibit a high breakdown rate. Original plates are an ideal choice if you want to assemble a quality program that is durable, efficient and cost effective. Take time to assess each of the plates presented by the supplier so as to make an informed decision. Steer away from suppliers with a negative reputation so as to avoid spending money on low quality products.